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Result-Oriented Approach
Result-Oriented Approach
Take result then pay !
We offer result-oriented SEO services and digital marketing services. We charge you after showing you result that' s why we have long list of satisfied customers. We educate our customer and try to deliever 100% results.We are counted among top Digital marketing and SEO company in Delhi, India
Research and Optimization
Research and Optimization
First research then deploy
We first do research on your industry and website capabilities then we proceed further for marketing process. We follow these strategies in our services like Search engine Optimization, Social media marketing and content marketing as well. We believe in " Content is king" and we mean it.
Certified Professionals
Certified Professionals
Team that you can trust upon
We have a team of expert certified professionals who has vast experience in their respective industries. So, if you are looking for freelancers who can deploy you the best result then ITpi technologies must be your first choice. So, subscribe our services and enjoy its taste and we guarantee you that it's taste will unmatchable.
Get Top 3 Position
Get Top 3 Position
We love ranking
We always thrive to get Top 3 position in Search engine and believe me we have delivered this kind of results to 99% of clients. In case we are not able to do so, then we will work for free till you get the desired result.
SEO-Friendly designs
SEO-Friendly designs
Delivering SEO friendly Website
Our Website designers delivers only seo-friendly designs which search engines love. Our engineers help you to get responsive designs along with conversion optimized websites that your customer will love.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing
We maintain ROI
Our Social media marketing services will give you maximum exposure in minimum possible investment on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Search engine optimization is one of those digital marketing techniques which is extensively used for successful online businesses. It is one of those digital marketing methods which gives you better ROI(Result on investment) if you do in a right way. SEO is a time taking service and it lasts for long if done in a right way.But if you are not capable of doing yourself then you can hire companies like us. We will help you to get desired results in minimum possible time.

As a top SEO company in Delhi, we offer result-oriented services. It means that first, we give you result then you have to pay. Our services are very flexible as we give services by-monthly. So, there is no extra burden on your pocket.

We only use only white hat SEO techniques and our search engineers care about spamming and penalty by search engines. We do industry searches as per your requirement before taking up any project.

Our winning point is that we are good at on-page SEO and we have ranked several websites without link-building. We also do off-page SEO but only quality link building and if you are looking for an SEO company who can provide you amazing results, hire us! We guarantee you that we serve you the way you want neither we will not charge you.

If we talk about search engine optimization then content marketing plays an important role. Content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing whether you talk about SEO, Social media marketing, and branding. If you want to become a brand then content on your website must be something that people want to talk about. As all, we know social media is growing day-by-day and business communities spending more time on social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter, and twitter. That is why brand recognition is much more depended upon contents which you share over social media channels.
We at ITpi technologies decide which content is sensible for your website which people will read, enjoy and share. Our content marketers write viable content for website, blog, and article which gives maximum exposure to your brand.

We provide numerous content marketing services to best suits to your website’s ranking. We prepare viral images, content, and text and share over the website and social media channels which engage your customers and website’s visitors.

Link building is one of the most important SEO’s methods which helps in gaining Website’s ranking. Suppose you are an electronic company and you get listed in magazine then you get a link from there and search engine counts it as a trust factor. Our link building executives do quality backlinks which google counts. They keep ration between do-follow and No-follow links, we believe in relevant authorized link building. Even our content writer writes such article which people enjoy,  share and give us links as a resource link. That’s why we get quality backlinks in minimum possible time and it helps in SEOing (Process of SEO).

We offer quality backlinks which will increase quality traffic along with Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website. This will help in Website’s Organic SERP’s. Hire us for unmatchable link building services today !

Social Media Optimization is one of the essential element of digital marketing strategies and it also helps in SEOing (Process of SEO).  It works as a catalyst for SEO if you do it in a right way. Social Media is not about running ads on social media channels like facebook and twitter. It is something like an unpaid method of social media boosting. In this, our digital marketer prepares campaigns with attractive image and text which people enjoys and then share and like. This gives you qualified traffic and increases referral traffic. This is how brand awareness gets popular in communities. Google also considers social media traffic as a ranking factor.

We have worked with many companies and help them to get maximum exposure to their brands. So, hurry up and subscribe our Social Media Optimization Services.

Social Media marketing is one of the efficient ways of digital marketing,  Social media marketing is one of the best ways to engage your customers and lead generation. We advertise over facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn like social media platforms. We do market your campaign as per location and geographically. We show your campaign as per location which suits your services and products.

We offer Social media marketing with awesome campaigns which people enjoys, share and like. This is necessary for getting the boost in your SEO’s Organic ranking.

Our team is an expert in getting maximum exposure to social media channels maintaining ROI (Result-on-Investments). Hire us today for Social Media Marketing and get more brand visibility.


Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the major Digital marketing services and it is followed by many Digital marketing agencies who wants quick results. It is a paid marketing which gets your brand in front of the right visitor, in the right place, in right time, and on the right devices. It helps you to reduce marketing cost by maintaining ROI.

Our Pay per click Advertising expert helps you to get Remarketing done to manage  ROI (Result on Investments ). That’s why many companies subscribed our PPC services.

Our PPC Management Services Include :

  • We plan and strategies  process, account analyse, and then developcampaign.
  • We do targeting using audience segmentation and personal data, listening, key phrase insights, and social etc.
  • We do Competitor research using our exclusive tools to get ahead of your competitors.
  • We do Account structuring to help you to understand easily. So, that you can activate and deactivate easily.
  • We do bid management and lower down campaign cost.
  • We provide you with detailed report of campaign every month.

Google Adsense is one of most used service by publishers and content writers. Google Adsense helps you to earn from the content which you write and share.

Our Team of Google Adsense expert helps you to get Adsense account approval within 10 days. However, if you live in Asian countries google takes 6 months time.  But our team help you to get within 10 days only and charges are very nominal. So, Contact us for fast Google Adsense approval today!

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Our Standard Plans


Website With Blog
One Time
  • 7- 8 pages with Speed Optimized
  • 301 and 404 Fixed
  • Google Webmaster and Analytics installed
  • Blog facility
  • 90-100% Unique Content Creation
  • Domain Name and Hosting


Content Writing
Per month
  • 2 Article per day (300-500 words)
  • 95-100% plagiarized content
  • Meta Title, Keywords and description optimized
  • Included SEO-copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing
Per Month
  • 3 Social Channels as per choice
  • Profile Creation
  • 2 Post per day
  • inr2000 worth advert
  • bi-monthly reporting
  • Post image Creation


Design Improvement
Design Improvement
We suggest designs improvements before taking up any project if require.
Website Speed Optimization
Website Speed Optimization
We optimize website speed to give your website visitor to give great experience.
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization
We do Social Media Optimization by preparing viral campaigns to engage visitors.
Meta Tag Optimization
Meta Tag Optimization
We Optimize website with Meta tags like keywords, description, alt tags and title.
Link Building
Link Building
We do authorized link building which gives more exposure to your website.
Content Writing
Content Writing
Content writing for the website as per targeted keywords by our expert content writers.
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Case Studies

I have started working with freelancers since 2013 and worked for many projects. I have started working with freelancer "Trinkal Juneja" in 2013 and still I am working with him. I have hired by couple of companies and right now I am working with Owned by Air & Technology Solution (p) Ltd. I have included all project since 2012.

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WHY ITpi Technologies

ITpi Technologies is one of those Digital marketing agencies who has expert freelancers, who have vast knowledge in Website designing, Website development, SEO, SMM, PPC advertising and content marketing. ITpi technologies is lead by Manoj Kusshwaha who himself is an entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing and passionate blogger. He started health blog on November 30, 2016, and there is tremendous growth. So, Your project is under the supervision of industry expert, Mr. Manoj Kusshwaha. We work on result bases, means we give you result and you have to pay as according.

Why Choose Us

  • Result-Oriented Services.
  • Experienced content writers.
  • The team of professional freelancer web designers.
  • The team of professional  freelancer social media marketers.
  • Certified Adwords Professionals.
  • We offer custom packages for all your digital marketing needs.
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